Add CBD to your workouts
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CBD oil may help with your brain health, help with exercising, and reduce the severity of or slow down the progression of an illness. By interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD oil has shown in many studies to help promote regulation throughout the body helping to make your body function more efficiently.

CBD Oil And Heart Health

CBD oil may be able to help with your brain-boosting workouts by promoting a healthy heart. CBD oil has shown to lower blood pressure at low doses; it may help with heart arrhythmias and reduce the inflammation of the heart.

CBD Oil And Diabetes

If your body is resistant to insulin, it may be because of a hormone called resistin is being overproduced. CBD oil has shown in studies to inhibit the production of this hormone, helping your body to produce more insulin to control your glucose levels. CBD oil may also be able to help with weight loss as well as the cell damage that is caused by diabetes.

CBD Oil And Strokes

If you are at risk for a stroke, researchers have found that CBD oil may be able to help prevent the cell death caused by strokes. In rodent model testing, they also found that CBD oil helped improve blood flow in the cerebral cortex.

CBD Oil And Depression

Do you remember the chemical BDNF that is elevated by exercising? Studies show CBD oil may be able to elevate this chemical as well along with other chemicals that are normally lacking in people who have depression. CBD oil also elevates an endocannabinoid called anandamide which has shown to have mood-boosting properties helping with some of the emotional symptoms of depression.

CBD Oil And Memory

Is your memory something that you are trying to improve? CBD oil may be able to help. In studies, scientists found that CBD oil indirectly interacts with the hippocampus, helping to enhance its functionality. It may also be able to repair the damage that may be causing memory issues.

CBD Oil And Brain Fog

Exercise is a great way to combat brain fog, and you can take it a bit further by adding CBD oil. Brain fog is an umbrella term that covers cognitive issues caused by things like fatigue, depression, or fibromyalgia. CBD oil may be able to help with brain fog by:

  • Easing symptoms of the illnesses that cause brain fog
  • Promoting neuroprotection to reduce damage
  • Promoting neurogenesis to repair damage already done
CBD Oil And Muscle Recovery

CBD oil isn’t just a great way to boost your brain power; it may also be able to help you with the workout itself. If you struggle with having muscle strain even after low-intensity workouts, using CBD topicals on your muscles can help relieve pain and tension.

CBD Oil And Energy

If you are struggling with getting into the workout routine because you are exhausted or struggle with fatigue, CBD oil may be able to help. CBD hemp oil has shown in studies to be a wake-promoting agent at small doses, as well as promoting the REM stage in your sleep at higher doses potentially aiding with energy from both sides of the spectrum.