How To Take CBD: Different Methods of Consuming CBD

The more popularity CBD gets in public, the more options become available to consumers. Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the CBD industry and the products continue to evolve. The way CBD is consumed has also evolved. 

Within our own CBD Essentials family of products, we hit a few of these methods. It’s important to know what is out there and what you think will work best for you

Ingestion Method 

Taken by mouth, usually in the form of a capsule/gummy, edible or beverage. This method works the same as vitamins or supplements and goes through your digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream. 

This way of consuming CBD is easy and the most common. Capsules can be washed down with water or any drink and you don’t have to taste them. 

Additionally, you can add CBD tinctures to your beverage of choice.

Sublingual Consumption


Perhaps our favorite, but we are biased. CBD Tinctures are taken sublingually and this means administering a particular dosage under your tongue and holding it for 30-90 seconds. This method of ingestion allows the oil’s active ingredients to be absorbed through the mucus membrane in the mouth. 

Sublingual consumption of CBD takes effect a lot quicker than other methods due to the bypassing of the digestive system and liver metabolization.


CBD body oils and creams are applied to the skin and active ingredients are absorbed through it. They are commonly used to address a specific area on the body where there may be pain or discomfort. 

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Using a vaporizer or vape pen, CBD oil can be inhaled through vaping. When CBD oil is heated through a vaporizer, it does not get hot enough to release the harmful byproducts that combust. It also works faster as it diffuses through the lungs and hits the bloodstream.