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  • Is CBD a Drug?

    CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is a chemical part of the Cannabis sativa plant. Because CBD comes from cannabis, a lot of people ask whether or not it is considered a drug. There are no psychoactive properties in CBD, meaning it won’t get you high. Is CBD a Drug? Currently, there are no drug test...
  • CBD FAQs

    Welcome to CBD Essential’s CBD FAQs. Here we answer the most common questions we get from customers. We hope this can provide useful information to help guide you in your CBD journey. What is CBD? CBD is the counter compound to THC in the marijuana plant. Meaning, it’s the second most common one....
  • Pet CBD Essentials: Complete Guide

    CBD Essentials Natural Pet Tincture CBD Essentials sells CBD Oil for dogs and cats that is safe and quality tested. Our Pet CBD Oil formula contains natural hemp oil and 15 milligrams of CBD in each bottle. The correct dosage to give your pet should be based on their weight. Typically, 1-2 mg for...
  • CBD Essentials Relief Tincture Product Guide

    This formula is the definition of the phrase “Sweet Relief”. That feeling after a rough workout, hitting “end call” on a tedious Zoom meeting or finally tackling that task you’ve been putting off until now. You know the feeling. Of all the tinctures in our catalog, this is one of our favorites. I...
  • CBD Essentials Calm Tincture: Complete Guide

    Even though we couldn’t physically capture “good vibes'' and put them into a bottle, our Calm tincture is as close to a real-life example as you can get. Ingesting a half drop of this stuff provides a refreshing, cool feeling on your tongue instantly. In a short amount of time, you should be on y...
  • How Do I Choose the Right CBD Product

    Have you been interested in trying CBD but aren’t sure where to start? Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the industry has exploded. Now, there are a variety of CBD products being sold all over the country and for those that haven’t ventured into the territory it can be overwhelming deciding where to start.

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