What’s the difference between CBD oil, gummies, and capsules?

Shopping for CBD products can be overwhelming to most. There are so many different ways to use it and figuring out your preference isn’t always easy. We at CBD Essentials have our favorites, which you can tell by browsing our shop.
We’ve broken down the important distinctions between various CBD products to help make your decision process a little easier! First things first:
What is CBD?
CBD is a chemical compound found in the Canniba sativa plant and stands for Cannabidial. It is also the second most prevalent compound of medical marijuana, derived directly from the plant.

Does CBD Make you High?
There is an unfortunate stigma associated with cannabidiol products because of years of prohibition and anti-marijuana propaganda. The difference between weed and CBD is that CBD *does not* contain the psychoactive compound THC and will not alter your state of mind when using it.
Is there a difference between CBD oil, gummies and capsules?
In short, yes there are notable distinctions between these CBD products. Here’s our breakdown:
We at CBD Essentials really love our oils! CBD oil is also referred to as a tincture. CBD oils are usually sold in dropper style bottles and can be used by dropping the oil under your tongue, allowing you to absorb it. Another way to use the oil or tincture is by including it in your favorite smoothie, morning coffee or topping your oatmeal with it. If you purchase our tinctures, you can choose between a 500mg or 1000mg bottle. For the record, the more milligrams in a bottle, the longer the product will last you!
In addition to tinctures, there are topical CBD oils and creams that are typically used for workout relief or a massage

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies come in various colors, shapes and flavors. They are also a preferred choice for CBD newbies that can be a little intimidated by the oils and tinctures. It’s really more of a delicious candy with additional benefits and who wouldn’t love that? Gummies tend to have a lower dosage of CBD too.
Lastly, you are probably going to find a number of brands offering CBD sample gummies. CBD Essentials offers sample packs of our sleep gummies when you fill out this form.
CBD Capsules
These are basically a pill packed with oil or powder and intended for oral consumption. You can find them in different shapes such as an oval or round shape. They are a popular choice because you don’t need to think about dosage amount and tend to be more portable than oils. The downside is capsules take a longer time to break down in the digestive tract and that sometimes leads to a reduction in potency.
We hope our breakdown provides you more clarity when considering your preferred method of consumption for CBD. Think about how you want to incorporate CBD into your daily diet and why. What does your day to day look like and what product would best match that.
If you’re completely new to CBD and aren’t sure if it’s something you want to invest in, you’re in luck! CBD Essentials offers free CBD Sleep gummy samples when you fill out this form.