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Tobacco kills about 7 million people annually, according to figures from the World Health Organization. This serious addiction can be cut through willpower or treatments, but … Does Cannabis have anything to offer to fight smoking? … Does CBD (Cannabidiol) help to quit tobacco?

 According to the researchers this may be potentially true. In this way, they claim that this cannabinoid, from marijuana, can help people get distracted so they don’t think so much about cigarettes. For those who do not know, CBD is a compound of marijuana that has no psychoactive effects, but it is beneficial to treat epilepsy, anxiety, pain or even an addiction, so it is not crazy to think that it can act in the scope of the fight against addictions as severe as smoking. But better see what scientists say. We start!

CBD to quit tobacco: what science says A study published in English by researchers at the University College of London has determined that CBD reduces attention bias to tobacco. Attention bias is when we direct attention, unconsciously to a certain stimulus, while ignoring others. For example, if you are a smoker and watch an old movie, the smoke-filled atmosphere may make you want to smoke.

The study examined a sample of 30 smokers who were asked to quit tobacco for 12 hours. Some were given a dose of 800 mg of CBD, orally, or a placebo. They were exposed to images of ashtrays, lighters, smoking groups interspersed with neutral-themed photos, such as women using a lipstick, instead of lighting a cigarette in their mouths.

Patients who consumed CBD did not show a difference in the desire to smoke. However, they found the stimulus of smoking less palatable. This is why the study supports the potential to investigate specific neurocognitive processes associated with CBD to quit smoking. This could bring important changes to the field of smoking treatments. In this way, instead of using nicotine derivatives, such as patches or gum; We could start using Cannabidiol derivatives much more harmless to the body.

One of the theories that explain why we can use CBD to quit smoking states that this cannabinoid neutralizes addictions in the AMPA receptors of the Accumbens Nucleus, a region of the brain closely associated with addiction mechanisms. This is in tune with the programs in favor of the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, since it favors the application of medical programs with Cannabis, which use less opiates and, consequently, less addictions.