• May 12, 2020
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Whether you are a groomer or you take your pet to the groomer, there is one thing everyone can agree on: the more calm the pet, the better. Even more important, keeping a pet’s coat healthy and treating skin issues during and after grooms can help the pet associate grooming appointments with feeling better. But, as a groomer, how can you make that possible? After all, if a dog has hot spots or skin irritations, it can be hard for everyone involved.

CBD can help make grooming appointments calm and can give pets relief from common skin problems — leading to happier pets and owners. And when pets and their owners are happy, groomers are happy.

How CBD can calm an anxious dog or cat

No matter how calm the dog may be at home, there are just some places that send dogs into a tizzy. Vets, grooming, and boarding can be just a few of those places. Anxiety can manifest in various ways in dogs, including aggression, excessive barking, shaking, and compulsive licking (to name a few).

All these symptoms of anxiety can make the groomer’s job difficult (ESPECIALLY in cases of aggression). No matter how amazing your grooming team is with dogs, some dogs just do not naturally relax at the groomers.

CBD oil, specifically CALM from CBD Dog Health, can offer a natural solution for anxious pets being brought in for a groom. CBD oil has naturally calming properties, which will relax the animal without potentially dangerous sedatives. There are no negative side effects, and no risk of overdose, making CBD an ideal way to keep pets relaxed during their grooming sessions. When the dog is calmer, the groomer can safely do their job. Additionally, a calm dog makes it easier for groomers to be extremely thorough.

Dogs can lead rough-and-tumble lives. Skidding on concrete can cause dry, flaky paw pads, and constant digging in grass can cause exposure to allergens and bugs. While this is adorable, it can make grooming a nightmare.

Dogs with allergies, hot spots, and painful skin may not like being groomed as baths and clippers may hurt those spots. Moreover, dogs who have skin tumors and cysts may be more sensitive while being groomed, giving new challenges to the new groomer. But, if the groomer is able to successfully provide relief from those painful areas, the dog will begin to associate the groomer with the feeling of relief, which can improve the grooming experience for everyone involved.

CBD administered topically can not only improve dry skin on paw pads and elbows, but can shrink tumors, heal cysts, and resolve hot spots and allergies.