CBD Natural Tincture for Cats & Dogs

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Does your dog or cat suffer from anxiety or fear of loud noises? CBD Essentials Natural Tincture aides in promoting a calm mood for pets in times of stress. Maybe your dog is afraid of thunderstorms or your cat hides in fear whenever you leave the house; our CBD Natural Tincture for Cats & Dogs works well. Can be given topically by rubbing half a dropper on inner-ear skin or added to food/water. 

Available Concentrations



Hemp (seed) Oil, PCR Hemp Oil.

Recommended Use

Shake well before use!

10 - 25 lbs: 3 drops - 2mg approx of CBD amount
25 - 75 lbs: 1/4 dropper - 4.2mg CBD amount
75 or more lbs: 1/2  dropper - 8.4mg CBD amount

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